5, June 2016

Intro to Blackjack Odds to give you an edge

blackjack odds

Estimating the blackjack odds of winning can be a bit challenging. Blackjack is listed as the most cherished and intellectual game of cards and is taken seriously not only by the novices but also by the expert hands. Thereby, the extensive studies on the blackjack odds suggest a few basic points and certain conditions which are summarised in this article beautifully.
The whole plot resides in a single deck of cards comprising of 52 cards. Any particular card will appear 4 times in a single deck. So, the probability of occurrence of any card is 4 in 52 which is expressed as 4/52 reduced to 1/13. The blackjack odds are calculated on the basis of player’s turned up card. A punter usually aims to predict the dealer’s unturned card to plan his moves. The prerequisite to have the advantage at blackjack odds is to have sixth sense for card counting. At blackjack table, experience in playing hands and betting strategy speaks.

Before looking for the best blackjack odds , it must be known to all the punters that the one and only advantage that the dealer has over the player is that player has to play his hand before the dealer does. In case of the crisis, when both the dealer and the player bust i.e. goes beyond 21, then the ball goes to the dealer’s court. Probability of player’s hand going above 21 is also high which too bestows dealer with a win. The blackjack odds sheet conveys all the possible chances of dealer busting and player having a win-win situation as per the dealer’s face up card. This sheet decides the player’s win or lose rate.
The worst situation for the dealer is when he gets a face up card value from 2 to 6. Here the odds of busting is high therefore the dealer must go for a HIT. On the other hand, if the dealer’s up card shows a 7 through ace, then the dealer must STAND. A punter’s win is somehow dependent on the dealer’s moves or hands.

Let us also look into the conditions which improve upon the punter’s blackjack odds of winning and a better potential blackjack odds pay out.
 A player has a right to receive a pay off on hitting a blackjack, while a dealer is not.
 If the game is flattering, then the player has an option to double down for extracting better pay outs.
 A player is also entitled to split pairs to improve his poor hands or can be put as taking dealer’s weak hands in his benefit.
 A player has an option to take insurance also, which is not applicable to the dealer.
 A player take layoff his poor hand but only if offered. Thereby, surrendering half of his bet money or better to put as saving on half of his wager.
There are many such options or conditions that may vary with game variants that lead to improved blackjack odds of winning or avoiding odds of losing, as blackjack is not mere a game of chance but a strategic game of skill.