19, September 2016

South Park Slot Big Win

When the Stan Bonus Spins mode is activated Stan will puke on Wendy, thus creating Sticky Wilds. The Sticky Wilds will “stick” on the reels during 2 re-spins. During the Stan Bonus Spins extra Sticky Wilds can appear and as long there are Sticky Wilds on the reels the Kyle Bonus Spins stay activated.

South Park Slot Big Win

The Kyle Bonus Spins will grant you 10 Free Spins and during this Free Spins mode extra Free Spins can be won. On the 5-th reel the Ike Wild can appear and when it does Kyle will kick Ike bringing you 3 extra Free Spins, a multiplier up to x 10 or a coin win. The Kyle Bonus Spins will end as soon as there are no more Free Spins left.

When the Cartman Bonus Game opens you need to spray the bushes with foam to find the hidden hippies. Every found hippie will reward you with a coin win and if you find 2 of them in the same bush your winnings will be multiplied x 2. If you find the rocker the game will be reset and you can try again. If however, you spray the cop you’ll get a one-time warning and if it happens again the Cartman Bonus Game will end.

In the Kenny Bonus Game you need to guide Kenny to the other side of the street and through different zones without killing him. These zones are: the Coin Win Zone, The Multiplier Zone and the Danger Zone. The Coin Win Zone will give you only coin wins. The Multiplier Zone has various multipliers and the Danger Zone holds (besides coin wins) a trap that will cause an accident to Kenny. You’ve got 3 lives so if Kenny had 3 accidents the Kenny Bonus Game ends. If however you manage to reach the other side of the road you get a bonus of 2500 coins.